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Placeholder  ImageCamaronera Muro Bonito is an ecologically friendly shrimp farm serving the international community, located in the Cosiguina Peninsula of Nicaragua. We produce a quarter million pounds of Pacific White Shrimp per year and provide it wholesale both head-on for the European market and headless for the USA market.

The farm is comprised of four ponds totaling 31 hectares, producing an average of 4,000 lbs of shrimp per hectare per harvest, twice a year. We entered the business of aquaculture for two reasons. One, to improve NicaraguaŽs exports and efficient use of its land. And two, to minimize the dependency of man on depleting natural resources of the ocean through widespread deep sea fishing. In addition to shrimp farming, Muro Bonito has reforested 25 hectares of a variety of native trees such as cedar, pochote, mahogany, neem, madero negro, genizaro, etc. Finally, Muro Bonito protects 20 hectares of wild mangrove trees within its property that provide a natural habitat to wildlife as well as a buffer between the ponds and the Gulf of Fonseca.

Browse our Web site for more information about Camaronera Muro Bonito. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Camaronera Muro Bonito representative regarding our wholesale shrimp, weŽll be glad to receive your e-mail at or call us in Nicaragua at +505-248-8262, or in the USA at 772-408-4890.


Carl Ahlers Fumagalli

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